We are on the verge of a civil war in Turkey

For the last two weeks, the situation has been growing very tense in Turkey, especially in the Eastern part and at the Syria borders and yesterday it has reached a peak.

At yesterday’s and today’s protests to show solidarity with people of Kobane and to call Turkish government to action, around nineteen people were killed by police and six cities are put under curfew. Flights are cancelled to Diyarbakır; which makes it harder for national and international press to reach the area and report the news. We cannot get any official, unbiased, uncensored news on what has been going on in the eastern parts of Turkey.

Turkish government has been blind to the situation in Kobane, and the inaction of Turkish government is driven by the historic enmity towards Kurdish people. The government is fueling rising separation among Kurdish and Turkish people, endangering peace process and pushing people towards a civil war.

An ethnic and religious cleaning in the region has been going on, Yezidi and Kurdish people’s lives are at stake. And death doesn’t have religion or ethnicity. Standing by Kobane is standing by peace, we are raising our voices in solidarity with people of Kobane. We are raising our voices against war and violence, but for peace.

While we are waiting for the behind the doors political negotiations to end, Kobane is getting closer to fall. While we are waiting, the separation between Turkish nationalists and Kurdish people is rising. While we are waiting the peace within Turkey is ending. This waiting is costing people’s lives, it is costing peace.

Dear green friends, we need your support to gather attention to what has been going on in Turkey and Syria.